ZONA TUBE, a video sharing that also comes with image sharing and music (mp3, soundcloud) sharing.
We like to call it a full multimedia solution

Key features of Tube

Video Sharing
Handles all aspects : video upload, multiple-quality, video conversion, video processing and management, thumbnails and data extraction from video file. No code edit required!
The Zona Tube comes with a video uploader that sends choosed Video commands to the server for video processing.
After the upload the video is being converted to the qualities chosen in the admin panel.

Automated Youtube imports
Add fresh content on auto-pilot
The admin panel comes with a cron section for automated tasks. That means you can import fresh videos at any time, without no need of clicks or you being online. It will do the job for you, seriously…that simple!

Image sharing
When did picture sharing become so insanely asked for? Well…since the internet!
With uprising instagram, weheartit, pinterest and others the pictures market is the place to be. Just let people upload pictures, you love it!

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