(Zona Voice Chat ) — has lots of features designed to streamline communication within an enterprise. Some of Zona Voice Chat features, such as its secure design, are due to its well respected Jabber protocol. Jabber uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) by default, and will establish a secure connection if one is available. Zona Voice Chat can be configured to allow only secured connections. has features suitable for a large multi-office corporation. Zona Voice Chat will suit a wide range of enterprises, from home office set-ups to large multi-site enterprises

(Zona Team Chat)—┬áKeep the workflow going by centralizing all your tools and touchpoints in one platform. Made for team collaboration, DevOps and customer engagement. Secure communication starts by downsizing the number of tools you use. Zona Team Chat connects your team with customers, suppliers and partners. Centralize all the communication of your projects, avoid missing information and make sure your team works better

This “A Smart TelePhony Platform“, it can be used as a complete driving force for your (VoIP business)— At the same time, businesses can still use its comprehensive VoIP, remote access features make it simple to use and access to assure your business is well managed and easily reachable at all the time.

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